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How To Stop Limiting Yourself: Three Keys
By Alan Allard | Submitted On November 02, 2011

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Expert Author Alan Allard
Most people will admit to having more potential than their lives or careers show. They know on some level that they are far more capable than they have been giving themselves credit for. They know they have something "bigger" to offer the world but maybe they haven 't quite figured out what it is or how to bring it about.

What keeps us from thinking bigger and taking consistent action toward what we say we want and what we know deep down we are capable of? Can we play a bigger game and have more fun and fulfillment than we think we can? Can we become more than we thought possible?

Are we fooling ourselves when we have visions of something far greater than we have yet to realize? Or must we settle for what is and accept it as reality?

What do you think? Here are my thoughts:

Most Limitations Are Self-Imposed-They Come From Within
The next time you think you cannot be or do something, realize you impose that on yourself. It 's easy to do because you learned how to limit yourself from others early on. It 's almost certain that you…
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