Analysis Of The Article 'Big Brother'

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“Big Brother” is Watching You If you know you are being watched for your own safety, would you be pissed off? I know I would not because if it involved something that have to do with bullies and suicide, at least I know I have someone watching over me and I’m not alone. The article, At some schools, ‘Big Brother’ is watching, written by Kelly Wallace from CNN, talk about the schools are starting to step up and monitor the students more frequently to protect them from danger. These monitors are all off-campus, such as bullying, suicide, drug use, or violence. The school district actually pay a tech firm $40,500 to monitor the students’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media (Wallace). I only agree with the author to this extent,…show more content…
“... helped a student who was talking on social media about ‘ending his life’ … ‘It’s just another avenue to open up a dialogue with parents about safety’” (Wallace). Monitor students really helpful sometimes, it help stopped these things before it actually happen, people are going to be sorry from now on if they don’t allow schools to watch over the students that really need to be watch. “Federal appeals court backed school officials in suspension of a high school student… threatened his classmates with violence on Myspace…” (Wallace). Just focus on the students who are being bullied to the point where they want to commit suicide is not enough, they also have to focus on the bullies that make everything happen. If schools don’t watch the bullies they just going to find another victim to bully now that the other victim is on the school’s watch. In my opinion, the author, Kelly Wallace, is right about permitting schools to monitor student’s posts off-campus because there could be less bullies since nobody would dare to bully another person ever again. Plus it will prevent victims from committing
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