Analysis Of The Article ' Case For Contamination '

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Medgina Jasmin
REL 2011
Case for contamination Review

If we were to lay the topic “effects of globalization” on the table, what assumptions might arise? Well, one might point out whether globalization can be considered as a positive thing or negative thing towards different cultures. The article “Case for contamination” gives insight on the author’s views and arguments towards globalization and how that intertwined with the people in Ghana.
The author of the article named Kwame Appiah who is also from Ghana, precisely analyzed and demonstrates examples of the ways in which the world is indeed becoming globalized. Depending on how one may look at globalization, it may appear as a good thing, or it may appear to come off as a bad thing. It will all be based on that person’s paradigm or personal experiences/beliefs. From the author Kwame Appiah’s standpoint he demonstrated globalization as a positive thing yielding good results. The article unfolded with the author, Kwame Appiah, starting the essay with a description of a palace in Ghana. His description depicts a place full of tradition, color and custom. While going into details about the royal area, he later switches and starts depicting another set of people that were clothed in western suits, carrying around cell phones and having business meetings. Clearly, just from the beginning along it is obvious that the place the author was describing had a mixture of tradition and modernized people with modern technology
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