Analysis Of The Article ' City Limits On Racial Equality

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Desegregation: 1968-1976
The article “City Limits on Racial Equality: The Effects of City-Suburb Boundaries on Public School Desegregation” by David R. James(1989), discusses people’s perceptions while choosing schools on the basis of racial mix in students’ population of school. It is argued that public schools have to apply methods of desegregation to ensure proper racial mix in schools. White people from affluent families try to avoid schools that have large populations of black students. Some families that are able to afford living far from their work, also relocate to ensure that their children are not going to schools that have high percentages of black students.
Private schools are not generally subject to strict rules for desegregation; rules applied to private schools for this purpose are not generally implemented properly. On the other hand, public schools are made to apply stricter rules. It is argued that for proper implementation of desegregation in public schools, it is important to apply common desegregation programs throughout the whole district schools. “Recognizing these facts, plaintiffs in the 1974 Detroit case argued that Detroit School District could not be successfully desegregated unless all public schools in the metropolitan area were subject to a common desegregation order” ( Courts of different districts have also pushed local governments to apply such rules and standardize the procedure of admissions in schools, in order to ensure that…
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