Analysis Of The Article ' Dear Students ' Don 't Let College Unplug Your Future '

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Corrupt college professors are ruining students’ chances of getting a quality education. Students will typically get that hunch that a professor might be out the get them, but in reality those professors are actually out to get the whole student body. When these decrepit professors are in the classroom, they are not hip on modern teaching methods. This is detrimental to a student who just needs a quality education to keep up with the competitive working world that we have come to today. The article “Dear Students: Don’t Let College Unplug Your Future” is an effective argument to convince incoming freshmen at Brigham Young University and current BYU freshmen not to let the academic tradition get in the way of their learning by the use of allusions, colloquial diction, anecdotes and humor to establish a bond of trust between himself and the reader. Throughout the article Gideon Burton uses colloquial diction to put himself at the reader’s level. “Holy trapped in old school”, is a prime example of the many uses of colloquial diction that he has woven in and out of the pages of his article (47). He uses this to have more of an effect on the expected audience. He knows that the young college kids do not want to read ten pages of a verbose professor ranting about how he believes that the internet is needed in college. He would have a limited audience without the diction that he uses. This creates a bond between Gideon and the audience. His use of diction automatically helps him to

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