Analysis Of The Article ' Defying The Odds '

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No matter where you come from, or what you have done, it is still possible to see your dreams through with right amount of help even though you do not realize it at first. Author Bill Pennington formulates about Victor Cruz, who attends the University of Massachusetts in the article, “Defying the Odds.” Cruz was a student who had all the support and help he could get while in college, but he just did not realize it. With him not taking the initiative to use the help he was being offered, his football scholarship was revoked and he was kicked out the college. He had this situation happen because he could not keep his grades up. What Cruz should have realize it that if he was struggling in a class, he should have went and asked for help. But he finally came to his senses and seen he was being offered help. So he took the initiative to receive the help he was being offered. With him doing that, he was able to play football and attend the University of Massachusetts. Most all his grades were better. Victor Cruz went through a situation that most college students go through their freshman year. Everybody party, drink, or do things they would not do around their parents. With them doing that, they will skip class and not do their work which lead them to consequences. Some people take their first year of college as a joke and that is exactly what Victor Cruz did. He could not keep his grades up and he had people trying to help with his classes but he just did not notice it. He had
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