Analysis Of The Article ' Do Not Go Gentle '

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Nam Nguyen
English 375
Dr. Guzik.
Paper 1 Rough Draft In Alexie “Do Not Go Gentle,” there is a recurring element of assimilation for the Native Americans. I will be discussing how it is problematic as it shows how the underlying issue of societal pressure towards the Native Americans freedom and liberty as a human being. In the article, “Italian American Identity: To Be or Not To Be” Michael Parenti focuses on the subject of acculturation and assimilation being formed in the United States. This article goes hand in hand with Alexie “Do Not Go Gentle” with race domination being a factor in assimilation against the minorities versus the larger society. Let us begin with the clear definition of race, which is in regards to the human race, as a social construct; furthermore, is a group of people who share similar and distinctive characteristics. In short, it is clear that race today, has become a social concept that we have adapted. The attitude and perspective about race is a label, which solidifies what mainstream society believe race to be. In the excerpt by Alexie, “Do Not Go Gentle” the way the author describes grief as if there is an entity or person working against him, which creates this notion of surrendering his own power. In the story, Alexie uses race as a satirical piece for laughter. In the story the couple did not name their baby because “We were Indians and didn’t want to carry around too much hope” (Alexie 97). The dominating culture in, which they lived in,

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