Analysis Of The Article ' Education 's Hungry Hearts ' By Mark Edmundson

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There is no set value on a college education. In this case, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some attend college with hopes of becoming rich and powerful. They want to see their names on a jet plane or on a modern skyscraper, similar to Donald Trump. However, there are those who go to college with hopes of becoming better individuals. They want to improve themselves and be the best version of who they are. By using ethical, logical and emotional appeal, Mark Edmundson, the author of the article “Education’s Hungry Hearts”, educates society on the difference between those who are hungry for an education and those who are not; those who have a stronger desire to learn are the ones who reap the most benefits out of a college education.
Using the ethical approach, Edmundson is able to inform college students, teachers, counselors and parents alike that a college education should be about curiosity and the betterment of oneself. The author mentions several times throughout the article that a student with “a hungry heart” takes the most out of a college education (Edmundson 521). The repetitive use of the word hunger claims the audience’s attention because Edmundson is emphasizing the importance of said curiosity. It is the main reason one should attend college as it is the reason they learn the most. Those who are interested in learning the subject will perform the best. He relies also on his personal experience and comments on how his best students have been those who…
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