Analysis Of The Article ' Harrison Bergeron '

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Kolawole J. Ojo Professor Carney English 1301 June 14, 2015 Analysis of “Harrison Bergeron” In his short story “Harrison Bergeron” Kurt Vonnegut uses hyperbole to show us what happens when people take things too literally. In this case the people were made equal by a government that interpreted “equality” in a very literal way. As a result, they lost their rights and freedoms. “Harrison Bergeron” takes place in 2081, when equality has finally been achieved by elimination of the highly gifted or by manipulating them through the use of technology. Such methods of control include mental handicap radios in ears which release unusual sounds to interrupt and control people’s thought, masks which conceal exceptionally attractive faces and clothing which does the same for bodies, and weights that the physically strong must carry at all times, like handicaps for horses. The Government uses this to control people’s minds and thinking ability and this makes them handicapped. However, George and Hazel Bergeron’s son, Harrison, is so exceptionally gifted physically, artistically, and mentally that the Handicapper General men come and take him away. Vonnegut also punctuates his dystopia with humor. The goal of this paper is to discourage the use of unguided use of scientific and technological devices in the future by the government. The writer uses satire in this short story when Vonnegut writes about "211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution..."
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