Analysis Of The Article ' Heart Of Darkness ' Essay

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1. determiner: Words such as “a/an,” “the,” “some,” and “my” are determiners, which are utilized to “determine” what nouns mean. “A/an” and “the” can be considered to be the most significant determiners. “A/an” and “the” also are known as articles. A more comprehensive list of determiners would include “any,” “each,” “every,” “no,” “his,” “this/that,” “these/those,” “his,” “her,” “its,” “your,” “our,” and “their.” A concept basic to articles is countability, and they pose difficult challenges for L2 learners regarding, for example, which nouns are countable or uncountable in English since countability, while very important, can be difficult to quantify. An example regarding the use of the article would be the novel Heart of Darkness. Not having an article at the beginning of this title appears more a matter of style than grammar, and also is a characteristic of headlines, titles, and names. So while conventionally a countable noun (such as heart) needs a determiner (the, a, this, or my), not applying this rule could be confusing to an L2 learner expecting an article.
2. perfective: In English, there are two aspects (see next entry for a definition of “aspect”)—perfect (also called perfective) and continuous (also termed progressive). The perfect aspect establishes a connection between two periods of time while the continuous aspect typically connotes that an activity still is occurring, is seen from a specific juncture in time, and the verbs employed are those typically
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