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Summary The topic of the article “Higher Ed Begins to Unite Behind Common Core” that was written and publish in 2013 was suitable and fitting to the article, it shapes the body of the paper and also the overall conclusion. It explains why the author is writing the article and it also forms the layout of the complete article. The purpose of the article is to inform people about whether or not students are ready for college level education and how to better prepare students for meeting the academic requirements and education level that they should be before entering college. “According to the ACT’s recently released Condition of College and Career Readiness 2013, only 26% of all ACT-tested high school graduates met the College Readiness Benchmarks in English, Reading, Mathematics and Science in 2013” (Chan, 2014). Based on the information found in the article “Higher Ed Beings to Unite Behind Common Core,” the author Monnica Chan did not provide her opinions as to what she thinks about whether or not high school graduates are ready for college, however, she has provided evidence with regards to why most students in 2013 was not prepare for a college education by giving the percentage of students who passed the ACT test and she also list quite a few education leaders who are supporting college and career-readiness for K-12 students. Preparing student for a college level education has become a number one priority in quite a few schools. I believe that parents and teachers
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