Analysis Of The Article ' Hotel Brand Strategy ' Essay

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Presently the importance of brand loyalty in context of the hotel industry has become a debated issue. In the hospitality sector, various researchers and scholars have represented different perspective regarding brand loyalty. This paper will focus on critical analysis of the article “Hotel Brand Strategy”. This paper will provide an insight to the implicit and explicit assumptions made by the authors of the article. Moreover, relevant evidences have been provided in order to support the fact that these assumptions have been presented by the authors. Additionally, this paper emphasizes on analyzing the logic behind the assumption in order to scrutinize the strength of the logics. The principal focus on this paper is to critically analyze the agreement and contradictions regarding the assumptions made in the article “Hotel Brand Strategy”.
Identification of Assumptions and Evidences
This section will focus on identification of the assumptions and provide the evidences along with the assumptions.
Assumption 1: Brand name in the hotel industry offers tangibility to the intangible services provided by the hotels.
Challenge: Consumer awareness of the brand and brand perception are not the sole factors for determining the value of the brand. The overall customer satisfaction is a major factor for assessing the brand value and hence, the above assumption can be challenged.
Reason: Generally, segmentation strategies are considered to be an important part of

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