Analysis Of The Article ' How Mankind Blew The Fight Against Climate Change ``

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Temperature rising isn’t just abnormal; it’s a serious matter that has caught the attention of many scientists. Scientists has issued that climate change is happening and with all the burning of fossil fuel we’ll be looking at devastating consequences. In the editorial “How Mankind Blew the Fight against Climate Change,” published in the Washington Post (June 5, 2014), American environmentalist Bill McKibben discusses the major consequences of oil industries, arguing that limitations can happen if shareholders would stop investing in these unjust companies. McKibben supports the claim by presenting strong evidence of how global warming has created disastrophe like the death tolls in India, providing statements made from Exxon’s executive mocking renewable energy, and finding ways to solve the issue such as divesting. McKibben’s purpose is to stop shareholders from investing in big oil companies like Exxon Mobile, by introducing them to divestment. McKibben adapts an urgent tone for an audience that consists of those who believe that the climate is changing and are caused by burning of fossil fuel. In this essay, I analyze Bill McKibben’s usage of strategic methods for strengthening his claims. Identifying his choices of rhetorical devices, I plan on voicing his approach by breaking down how he incorporates logos and pathos to persuade the audience of this urgent issue concerning our world. McKibben structure his article in a style that best explains his point, his urgency

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