Analysis Of The Article ' If Animals Could Speak '

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The first TV commercial aired on July 1, 1941 and it was only 10 seconds long. This ad featured a very rough map of the United States with the company’s logo over the heart of the map and only five words said in it. (Luckin) Since the first ad, commercials have developed into very in-depth systematic ways for companies to show off their product to the consumer. Almost every large company has used this method to brand themselves. The ASPCA is no different when it comes to this matter. They have put out a numerous number of commercials to try to get people to donate to their cause. In the ad entitled “If Animals Could Speak” the ASPCA uses gut-wrenching images of animals, slow music, text, and a desperate voice to successfully persuade the viewer into donating to their company or saving an animal. “If Animals Could Speak” starts out with an image of a dog sitting in a cage. The camera slowly begins to zoom in on the dog’s face. While this is happening words slowly begin to appear on the screen that say “If I could speak I would tell you it hurts when you hit me.” Next another image of a dog is shown and words also slowly begin to show up on screen. This time the words say “I would ask what I did to deserve this.” After that a cat that has bandages on both of its front legs is pictured. The words “I would say please give me a chance” appear on the screen with the cat. Each one of these images is on the screen for about 13 seconds. After this image fades away a new one
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