Analysis Of The Article ' Industry Boom Of Harrison County ' By The Marshall News Messenger Essay

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Article Summary
An article titled “Industry boom in Harrison County” written by the Marshall News Messenger describes how Harrison County, Texas’ industry has recently grown. Marshall Economic Development Corporation, further being acknowledged as MEDCO, has contributed to Harrison county’s industry growth by issuing incentive packages, and providing hospitality and quality service to local businesses as well as potential businesses. Due to new contracts and an incentive package from MEDCO, a local manufacturing company by the name of Woodlawn Manufacturing Ltd. has added new jobs to the Marshall area. Another local company by the name of General Cable has expanded and added more jobs to Harrison County, also made possible by an incentive package.
Similarly, tax abatements approved by the Harrison County Commissioners Court have also played a role in helping business owners decide to choose Marshall as their business hub. The Marshall News Messenger has reported that a company opened earlier this year has grown in full-time positions also due to MEDCO’s involvement. Another local manufacturing business issued more than one hundred construction jobs for a facility expansion and then grew in employment after completion.
Furthermore, MEDCO has been able to relocate an international software developer named Seven Networks to the Marshall area which added full time positions to Harrison County. MEDCO has also continued to help expand and grow Seven Networks. MEDCO has
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