Analysis Of The Article ' Intra Abdominal Needle ' Medical Malpractice '

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Review of the Case: According to Lorenzo Varetto and Claudio Gargallo in the article “Intra-abdominal needle: Medical malpractice,” a 39-year-old individual went to a hospital reporting severe abdominal pain at the end of 2006. To determine the cause of pain, healthcare professional ordered a radiograph of the patient and observed a radio opaque foreign body around the D12- L2 vertebrae in January 2007. In February 2007, he went through detailed TC scan of his abdomen, and it was confirmed that a metallic foreign substance was present in his liver. The foreign material was linear 5 cm long with three fragmented parts. In March 2007, the material in contact with hepatic gel-capsule of liver was removed through laparoscopic surgery (Varetto L. & Gargallo C., 2009). In April 2007, the patient reported the case to a local public prosecutor as he thought the needle was left by a surgical team that performed appendectomy in 1994, but healthcare professionals failed to notice the presence of material for almost 13 years. In October 2007, a forensic medical examination requested copy of medical records and copy of radiographs taken in 1994. The Chest X-ray revealed that the metallic material was present in the region of L1-L2 vertebrae. Later, various sophisticated testing procedure such as SEM (scanning electron microscope) analysis, the micro-analysis, and the stereomicroscopic analysis of the material extracted from the liver identified the foreign body as an iron sewing

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