Analysis Of The Article ' Journal Of Combustion '

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Palafox 1 Diesel Engines with EGR In the article “Journal of Combustion” the authors argues how EGR system help meet the regulations of the exhaust gas from diesel engines !or the indi"iduals who are new to dieselengines# and wondering what is an EGR system $et this be an opportunity to further educated# and help determined a future choice of the EGR system Exhaust gas recirculation %EGR& can be found on light duty diesel engines and hea"y duty diesel engines as well “ 'he mechanism of EGR system reducing ()x emissions is introducing parts of the exhaust gas into the combustionchamber to increase the heat capacity of gases# lower the temperature of burning gases# and thus reduce the ()x emission
%De*ing# +ei pg ,& 'he reduction of ()x# %(itrogen )xide&# is themost common reason for applying the EGR emissions system to the commercial diesel engines#this emission system does ha"e a few other purposes as well !or instance# it will reduce the needfor high load fuel enrichment# aids "apori-ation of li*uid fuels# and impro"es the ignition system 'he harmful exhaust gas has become a problem with today.s atmosphere# due to the fact of the high thermal efficiency in the diesel engine causing a mass pollution of exhaust gas 'his is where the EGR has an important role in the elimination of exhaust gas# since there is a high preference of direct in/ection engines for commercial "ehicles In order to determine the effecti"eness of the EGR emission system# there had to be…
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