Analysis Of The Article ' Men And Women's Women '

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Steve Craig, in his article Men’s Men and Women’s Women especially define how different sexes in advertisement can influence a particular audience towards a product; one stereotypical method he describes is “Men’s Women” (Craig).One such ad using sex appeal, and a basic structure of “Men’s Women” to bring in customer was made by BMW in 2008 to sell their used cars. BMW, which is a world-renowned company known for its performance heavy automobiles, targets a male audience by comparing a gorgeous woman to their cars.This ad by BMW, who no doubt make amazing cars, degrade women through its message, and it enforces Steve Craig’s “Men’s women” tactic, but this ad also goes a step further and displays the ever-present patriarchy in advertisement overtly. It is important to realize the basic facts that are associated with cars and with BMW in particular, and that different demographic are attracted towards different types of car, to later understand that even though the product in the ad may be amazing but the ad itself is not. Did you know that in 2010 the number of cars in the world reached a billion (Noël)? Today’s culture is highly surrounded and based on the use of cars. They are such a prominent part of our culture today that if an alien were to visit our planet right now they might just consider cars to be the dominant form of life (The Hitchhiker 's Guide to the Galaxy). There are so many different types, and makes of cars that they can suit any personality in the world.
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