Analysis Of The Article ' Mothers And Mother ' Essay

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Review and Analysis of Mothers and Mother-in-laws In the article Mothers and Mother-in-laws, an exploratory case study of relationshionships between mothers, daughters, and mother-in-laws were evaluated and discussed. All of the participants in the study were asked to personally fill out a questionnaire that contained questioned pertaining to their relationships with each other. Mothers, daughters, mother-in-laws, and husbands were all asked to participate in this study. The researchers indicated the independent variables - variables that can be manipulated- as the daughter’s parental status, a comparison across relationships, and a comparison of relationship perspectives. The dependent variables included relational strain, interpersonal boundaries, and interactive involvement. The focus of the study was to examine how the addition of a grandchild to the relationships affects how the different dyads interact. Research collected at the end of the study concluded that mothers and daughters become closer with the birth of a grand child, but mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws tend to become more at odds with each other. Researchers working on this project were aware of the different aspects involved in the traditional mother/daughter relationship prior to the beginning of the study. Also, the fact that asymmetry is present in in different aspects of women’s relationships in general, especially involving their kin. Fischer describes this by referencing studies by
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