Analysis Of The Article ' No Women No War '

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Stephanie Knowles
Article Summary
(No Women No war) The article “No women no war” was written by Pasi Loman , a post graduate student from university of Nottingham. Loman discusses about the role of Greek women in defending their cities and communities. The author attempts to clarify the assumptions made by modern scholars or authors that women did not play a part in foreign military campaigns i.e. war. Loman discusses about Greek women and their views, emotion and reaction based on warfare, the impossible existence of amazons. The reason for the author making this an argument is because of misjudgment even thou women have had an active role in war. The only side shown by most researchers is when, women are either rejoicing for the victory of their soldiers or the mourning for their country. But the authors makes a point to look at the facts about Greek women and if they have been credited enough for their participation and support in war. Loman compares the contrasts the research done by other authors like Plutarch who states that Spartan women were hard cored when it came to war it was a do or die deal for them they were not very pleased with their sons if they came home defeated some women would kill their sons instead of accepting defeat. They underwent physical training to learn how to protect them self and their cities.

Loman, Pasi. "No women no war." greece and Rome, seacond series, Vol.51,No1 , 2004: 34-54.

The author argues about
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