Analysis Of The Article ' Ocean Of Pollution '

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In the article “Ocean of pollution,” the author, Dahr Jamail, makes a strong case for that fact that human activities drive oceans pollution in a terrible situation. He begins by briefly outlining how quickly plastic pollution in the oceans has increased in only few decades along with human behaviour. Dahr then continues on to describe the doubling “dead zones” appears unnaturally have impacts on sea life, even the food chain. The article concludes by stating the solution for the oceans pollution. Clearly, the audiences he spoken to are the North American public since it was originally published in the widely circulated Al Jazeera Magazine, but it also intended for the environmental organizations and governments (lots data from American government departments and list solution for EPA). In fact, for the most part with Dahr use of examples and pictures strengthens his logos. Also, he integrates pathos excellently due to appropriate images and tone. He utilizes Ethos well, for knowledgeable about the environment issues.

The article describe the ocean pollution through two phenomenon-- amount of plastics occur in the oceans and doubling increased “dead zones”. In term of plastic garbage, Dahr primarily states that human behavior caused “unknown ecological and evolutionary consequences” more and more small size of plastic occurred in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, tonnes of garbage float in the ocean and to the beaches. Increase in pollution impacts on ocean’s ecological…

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