Analysis Of The Article ' On Being An Atheist '

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H.J. McCloskey is an author who expresses his belief in atheism through his work. In 1968, He published an article called, “On Being an Atheist”. His view of God and the Christian belief is well thought out and addressed, however, in this essay I will be responding to some of his atheistic views and will be attempting to respond to them from a theistic worldview approach.

In the article McCloskey, chooses to use the word “proof” instead of the word “theory”. By doing this he is making his argument sound more fact driven and reasonable. He is also in turn making Christianity and the belief that God exists sound more fictitious. However, though his argument sounds appealing we must remember that what he argues is based on facts and concepts that people generally known to be true. However, none of them can be truly proven one hundred percent. In his article, McCloskey says, “most theists do not come to believe in God as a basis for religious believe, but come to religion as a result of other reasons and factors,” (McCloskey, 62). By McCloskey addressing his arguments individually he is trying to prove that God does not exist, and because of that hinders anyone from making a case that God does in fact exist.

In McCloskey’s article he argues against three different theistic proofs, these being, The Cosmological argument, the Theological argument, and lastly the Argument from design. The first, the cosmological argument, claims that God does in fact exist. The Theological…
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