Analysis Of The Article ' Racism And Brutality ' By Cassandra Chaney

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In the article, Racism and Brutality in America, author Cassandra Chaney presented the case of Rodney King, a forty-seven year old African-American taxi driver, who was brutally attacked four LAPD police officers. According to her novel, the aim of her study was “to examine how the public generally perceive police and how race and racism shape this discourse.” Unfortunately, the public was left clueless. Rodney King’s case was left unfinished as the media never released any studies of implications or findings concerning the beating of Rodney King. Instead, the media shifts public attention towards increasing rate of brutality against blacks.The case study shows, that the media is biased in the way they are retrieving and presenting information.
Unfortunately, the way the police handles criminal situations has not changed over the years at all. Police are relieved of their charges, police would get their jobs back, and police brutality would start up again; a violent cycle of unlawful actions. In the website ThinkProgress, Nicole Flatow presents a case of Rodney King a forty-seven-year old African American taxi driver, who was brutally beaten by four LAPD officers. Anger boiled amongst many individuals when the four LAPD officers were relieved from their charges the following year. Riots triggered for a consecutive three days where fifty-three individuals died. Eventually, several prosecutors took control of the case and convicted all four LAPD officers.The Los Angeles
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