Analysis Of The Article ' Signs Carried By Many Marchers '

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By 1963, the Washington D.C. public schools had been integrated, as had the military, the federal work force, and public accommodations in the city, but the racial controversy was still an ongoing debate around the nation. Marion Trikosko’s photograph titled “Signs Carried by Many Marchers, During the March on Washington” was taken on August 28, 1963 during the march for jobs and freedom at the District of Columbia. It is one of the pictures in the “Civil Rights- A Long Road” collection from the Library of Congress that depicts a group consisted of mainly Black people who walked in lines while carrying “We demand…” and “We march for…” signs. The photographer captured the essential repetition in the signs’ designs, a variety of peoples’ actions, and the movement of the crowd in order to signify the united formation and strong dedication of the marchers to fight for civility and liberty. On this day, more than 200,000 black and white Americans gathered in Washington, D.C. and intended to dramatize the rights of black Americans to political and economic equality. This event focused on employment discrimination, civil rights abuses against African Americans, Latinos, and other minority groups, and support for the Civil Rights Act that the Kennedy Administration was attempting to pass through Congress. At the Washington Monument, they carried hundreds of signs that were made specifically for this event. In this picture, the setting is filled with signs, and these signs even

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