Analysis Of The Article ' Sounds Of L.a '

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This quarter, the Arts and Entertainment section of U.C.L.A.’s student newspaper The Daily Bruin is running a music column titled “Sounds of L.A.” This column explores how various Los Angeles neighborhoods influence musicians that are based in the city. Including the rock ’n’ roll landmark of Laurel Canyon, the modern indie beacon of Echo Park, and the rough-and-tumble underground punk scene of East L.A., Los Angeles has birthed hundreds of artists across all genres. I am the writer of The Daily Bruin’s “Sounds of L.A.” column, and the more time I spend interviewing and researching these musicians, the more I wonder if the causal arrow actually points in a different direction. While the history and atmosphere of Los Angeles’s various neighborhoods could influence the artists that call the city home, it is more likely that these musicians are affecting the areas they inhabit, creating communities that reflect their collective mindsets. It is the artists who shape these neighborhoods and turn each section of Los Angeles into areas with individual personalities, using their music to communicate en mass the image and culture that they are promoting. Laurel Canyon is known for its historic rock ’n’ roll past, a narrative that began in the 1960s when artists like Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young first moved into the Hollywood Hills. Today, musicians travel from across the globe to be inspired by the nature and spirit that shaped these rock icons.
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