Analysis Of The Article ' Spades Piece '

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The main argument of Spades piece is focused on how trans-gendered, gender transgressed, intersex, women, and low-income people are discriminated against and how this is causing them to live a life that is defined by violence, humiliation or lesser opportunities. He also makes a feminist argument and talks about how intersectionality plays a role in the similar issues that the trans community faces.
The Trans community faces a lot of obstacles. Spade exposes some of the nasty things that the trans community must go through every day. He also addresses social welfare policies and how it is intersectional towards women. What society sees when they look at this community is that everything is fine, that nothing is wrong. No one really sees
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Intersetionality plays a huge role in this as well. Lesbian mothers and women of color have absolutely no access to the welfare policies. However, white, poor women do. Women who do not follow the socialized norm of society (those who are not married or those in an abusive relationship) do not receive all the benefits of welfare program. These US systems are designed to help people are extremely gendered, sexist, homophobic and racist. They advertise that they help all types of people, but rather, the discrimination still continues.
People are not thinking about the smaller picture of the poor, trans community. They do not see that many of these people are not receiving a good education, such as high school and college because they are constantly bullied or because they do not know what to put in the “sex” box in a college application. Economic opportunities are also not readily available to the trans community because of the discrimination that they face on a daily basis. People are not thinking about how to solve issues in the trans community, but rather choose to ignore them. Societies eyes need to be opened to these issues and need to start to make a change in this community. People are also not thinking about how women are discriminated much like the trans community. They are mistreated and not given as many opportunities, especially if they are woman of color, poor or lesbian. White women seem to reap the benefits of society and not be discriminated against
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