Analysis Of The Article ' Spades Piece '

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The main argument of Spades piece is focused on how trans-gendered, gender transgressed, intersex, women, and low-income people are discriminated against and how this is causing them to live a life that is defined by violence, humiliation or lesser opportunities. He also makes a feminist argument and talks about how intersectionality plays a role in the similar issues that the trans community faces.
The Trans community faces a lot of obstacles. Spade exposes some of the nasty things that the trans community must go through every day. He also addresses social welfare policies and how it is intersectional towards women. What society sees when they look at this community is that everything is fine, that nothing is wrong. No one really sees the smaller picture-the picture that portrays women, trans, and low-income people not having full access to societies opportunities. Focusing on the gender transgression community, people do not know that many start their lives with abuse in the home. Sometimes, these trans people end up homeless because of their inability to be accepted into some foster cares, much like Bianca, a transgendered women who had to become a prostitute to pay for her hormones. What people see on the outside, once again, is that there is nothing wrong. This is an issue because society has been blinded by their own ignorance. Now focusing on the lower class and women, society has placed the word ‘woman’ to be lesser and submissive, especially if she is a woman of…
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