Analysis Of The Article ' Teens Under The Knife ' By Kaitlyn Ali And Tiffany Lam

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In the article entitled "Teens Under the Knife" written by Kaitlyn Ali and Tiffany Lam readers are informed on the possible risks that are exposed to teens who have cosmetic surgery. Ali and Lam state, "There are many risks in plastic surgery, such as permanent numbness, infections, blood clots, and even death" (par. 9). The developing bodies of teens are still changing which could lead to altering the effects or future displacement of the surgical procedure. The article states, "Because teens ' bodies are still developing, what [teens] change now may not look the same in a year. What feels like a big nose at 11 might be perfect once the face is done growing. With surgery, it could end up looking worse later" (par. 9). This article helps identify that plastic surgery can potentially cause even more emotional and physical damage to teenage patients in the future. In order to fix this problem, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery should strengthen the guidelines for evaluating teenagers by requiring all potential cosmetic surgery patients that are under the age of 18 to be screened by professional psychiatrists and medical doctors to ensure physical and mental stability before proceeding with the desired surgical process. This is necessary because cosmetic procedures can interfere with the growth cycle of the developing body and the emotional state of teenagers which can cause serious health complications and possibly more surgical procedures in the future.

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