Analysis Of The Article ' The Coming War On Women '

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I. Context Willard Waller wrote the article, The Coming War on Women, in 1945. During this time World War II had just about finished and now it was time for the returning soldiers to land home and join their wives. Precedently, however, in 1941 when the Japanese basically threw the United States into the war with the surprise attack of Pearl Harbor, the whole country was altered. In the first 18 months of the war, over 12,000 soldiers died in combat, while at home 64,000 Americans died in work-related casualties aside from the 6 million that were injured. By this time America was in entire panic over how it would manage to stay a major power and fend off the enemies from taking over. Therefore one of the country’s plans of resolution was to ration food, gas and clothing or anything to achieve victory. Consequently, these collisions also led the United States to kickoff programs that will aid the home front such as the Braceros Program, the Executive Order 8802 and also the ideal of Rosie the Riveter. Nevertheless, the most critical, influential and by far the most significant factor was the rise of women to leave their homes and join the workforce to produce supplies that were needed for World War II. II. Synopsis The article The Coming War on Women written by Willard Waller, argues that the coming men from the war will encounter yet another war with their women on the grounds for supremacy. According to the document, there will be “three phases” in this “war”: the
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