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‘The Dating Game Killer” April Smolkowicz Criminology 3200 Georgia Gwinnett College Introduction Rodney James Alcala is a California convicted serial killer. Alcala is also known as the “Dating Game Killer”, from when he was chosen in 1978, as a contestant on the ABC prime time show, “The Dating Game.” Alcala enrolled as a clerk in the U.S. Army in 1960, then in 1964 Alcala was discharged on medical grounds, after being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder by a military psychiatrist. Rodney Alcala is highly manipulating, using very persuasive skills and influential charm by posing as a photographer. Beginning in 1968, Alcala would use his photography skills as his abduction technique in order to abduct young girls and attractive women in order to sexually assault, rape, torture, strangle, beat, and kill them (Pelisek, 2010). As Paternoster & Bachman (2001, p.11) points out that, “The Classical Paradigm, during the middle of the eighteenth century, founded by Cesare Beccaria a utilitarian philosopher who embraced the belief that human beings are rational, calculating, and hedonistic beings. With the decline of the Classical paradigm, when the focus of rationality lead to the focus on science. A new paradigm emerged, a Neoclassical Paradigm: Rational Choice Perspective (Paternoster & Bachman, 2001, p. 23). The theoretical approach to rational choice begins with the idea that a criminal act is chosen because of the benefits it brings to the offender.

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