Analysis Of The Article ' The Effect Of Refrigeration ' From The History Magazine ' By Barbara Krasner Khait Points

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Deconstructing the Refrigerator Refrigerators are used for the purpose of preserving food and allowing it to last longer. Refrigerators maintain a cooler temperature than their surroundings so that the food stored within them spoils at a slower rate than normal. The cold temperature inside refrigerators allows food to last longer because the growth and spread of the bacteria that works to decompose food is delayed. Some refrigerators have a freezer compartment which also works to slow the deterioration and decay of food, however unlike food that is stored within the refrigerator, food that is frozen in a freezer can last for a longer period of time because freezers are able to reach lower temperatures than a refrigerator.
Refrigerators are now viewed as a commodity because of how they have allowed people to keep foods fresh for a longer time. In the article “The Impact of Refrigeration” from The History Magazine, Barbara Krasner-Khait points out that besides changing life at home, refrigerators have also allowed for the possibility of having perishable foods transported from distant places and have allowed markets to keep foods on sale for a longer time. (Krasner-Khait, n.d.) Because a refrigerator is essential to the preservation of food and is a household appliance generally used in the domestic setting, most people that own homes have a refrigerator. According to Terence P. Jeffrey’s online article titled “Census: Americans in ‘Poverty’ Typically Have Cell Phones,…
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