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In late September, the Fox News Network published an article calling into question the intentions of a West Point cadet after he wore a sombrero to a football game against the University of Texas at El Paso. In the article, “Activist cries foul after West Point fan wears sombrero at game near Mexican border,” author Lucia Suarez Sang comments on the outcry that ensued from the Hispanic community after a picture of the cadet was posted on the Academy’s Facebook page. Was it inappropriate for the cadet to wear the sombrero? Was the Academy at fault for posting the photo? Can and should we protect others from feelings and emotions that are a result of politically incorrect expression? Cultural sensitivity is becoming an increasingly popular topic in media, on college campuses, and in the military. We now live in a world where the language we use is under such scrutiny that some are discouraged from expressing their true opinions for fear of being blackballed by their peers. Not only does political correctness limit free speech, it also fundamentally transforms the way we think by avoiding the topics that some simply do not want to discuss. Political correctness is raising serious questions at West Point, impacting students attending other colleges, and influencing individuals post-graduation. Was the cadet misguided in his decision to wear the sombrero? Had it been a civilian, the answer would be significantly more straightforward. The First Amendment to the Constitution
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