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The Internet Sales Industry October 9, 2015 Terri Lowe

Global Strategy and Policy MAN4720
Professor Schwartz Economics

A Porter analysis will be performed throughout this paper, on the internet sales industry. Included in the Porter analysis is six relative competitive forces; threat of new entrants, rivalry amongst firms, threat of substitute services, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and relative power of other stakeholders. Threat of New Entrants: Medium
With the new age of technology we have entered, it would seem simple to enter the internet sales industry but things are not always as they seem. Entering the internet sales industry will prove to be a
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New entrants must also consider how well existing companies have mastered the art of converting combining customer and third party seller data together, and converting it into useful information for future customers. Customers are able to see previous customer reviews and seller ratings without even meeting the seller. The transparency of sellers, provide customers with the comfort of knowing what type of seller they are dealing with before a transaction even occurs. New entrants to the industry would not be able to provide potential customers with the same transparency seller transparency that an existing seller would be able to (eBay, 2010). Rivalry among Existing Firms: High
Competition within the internet sales industry is fierce and innovation is the way internet retailers are looking to grab the top spot. Internet retailers such as Walmart are following in the path of competitors and building fulfillment centers left and right to allow for faster delivery to customers. Many internet retailers have explored the possibilities of drone delivery, using customers to deliver products to other customers on their way home, and allowing customers to pick up products out of lockers in stores so they don’t have to wait in line; these competitive strategies internet retailers are seeking to implement illustrate how far firms are willing to go to gain the upper-hand on one another (Forbes, 2012).
Although the services many of these firms

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