Analysis Of The Article ' The Naked Citadel ' By Tim O ' Brien

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Since being established in 1842 as a public military college, the Citadel was a college filled with many tradition and pride that seem to discriminate against female applicants. However, the Citadel’s way of accepting and admitting student has to be challenged at some point in time. In Susan Faludi’s essay, “The Naked Citadel”, Malcolm Gladwell’s essay, “The Power of Context”, Tim O’Brien’s essay, “How to Tell a True War Story”, the authors all came to the conclusion that the actions portrayed by the individuals could have been influenced by their behavior. Gladwell’s theories about the environment and human behaviors can help explain the changes that occurred at the Citadel. The Broken Windows Theory can help explain how the…show more content…
A person who has a weak sense of self-identity that can be easily manipulated, is easier to change then it is to change someone who have a strong sense of self-identity. To completely remold an individual, the individual has to completely broken down and not have any remains or fragments of the old self. The foundation and the remolding of the identity were for a good intentions, if the Citadel did not go about it the wrong way. The Citadel’s way of making these new men was cruel, malevolent and unusual. The freshmen were hazed and abused from upperclassmen who they had to listen to. The hazing was not reported for fear of repercussion by the upperclassmen, because the hazing was not reported it continued to happen. This a good example of the broken windows theory. The hazing gets worse year after year as and people eventually will start to join in and because nothing is done to stop it, it is assumed that it is okay to haze. The hazing becomes a tradition and the vicious cycles goes on. Furthermore, Tim O’Brien further proves this case when Curt Lemon and Bob Kiley invented a game to play during their spare times. “The game involved smoke grenades, which were harmless unless you did stupid things, and what they did was pull out the pin and stand a few feet apart and play catch under the shade of those huge trees.

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