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The Obey Spotlight: “Designer Edition”

At the age of 17, Obey “Jordan” Cyno has realized a dream of designing for The Obey Alliance. In the early months of 2015, Cyno experienced taking part of various teams before being given the opportunity of joining Obey in March of 2015. Being in for just over one month, due to various roster changes Cyno was promoted to become the “co-leader” of the Obey Studios division. Although, serving a lengthy role in the team. It became a harsh reality for Cyno that all good things do come to an end. He was released from Obey, in March 2016. A highly unmotivated Cyno, then experimented with other teams again. Looking for a new home, that provided the same atmosphere. Jumping from one
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He originally uploaded a variety of videos, such as “speedart videos, omegle videos, and tutorial videos.” He enjoyed making videos, and uploading. Although now, you may not have seen a upload from Jordan in over a year. He tends to and has high hopes of returning to YouTube within the next month. The content he will be uploading has yet to have been confirmed.

Jordan likes to think of himself as a role model, for up and coming designers. Although, his Twitter seems to be flooded with people asking for their opinions on things. Cyno tends to do his best to respond to as many as possible to give them his feedback and or constructive criticism on how to improve.

Looking back, on his early days as a designer. Jordan remembers being apart of an organization known as “TaMe”. Jordan was released from TaMe for not being “up to standards”. Jordan remembered looking up to his inspiration and one of the biggest YouTubers of that era known as Red “Zach” Rated. He continued to follow the advice Rated gave his viewers. Which he believed was a key part of his recently found success. “I was his number one fan, we are good friends now. I laugh about it, he cringes. He’s going to hate me for sharing this. But who cares”

Jordan has a current goal set. That goal is to graduate
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