Analysis Of The Article ' The Strategic Logic Of Trade '

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In the first sentence, the author provides us with the global issue at hand-trade. We quickly see that the article focuses on the benefits of trade for the United States. In the article “The Strategic Logic of Trade” Froman (2014) explains the benefits of trade and how it improves the United States overall. Trade provides higher paying jobs, enhances economic growth, and allows the United States to be competitive in the area of trade, which in turn enhances our economy. The article moves forth by explaining how the United States aims to maintain and grow an upper hand in the area of trade around the world, despite other countries having advancing economies. Next, the article explains how to increase trade by developing the United States’…show more content…
According to Froman (2014) trade is the best way to strengthen the United States economy and prosper on a global level. It argues that the “strategic importance of trade” is important and continues to grow. Froman (2014) backs up his argument by explaining the role that trade has played in U.S. history, such as as trade’s ability to alliances and create relationships with other countries. In the article, Froman (2014) uses the example “in the wake of World War II, when the United States provided more access to Western European countries and Japan than it received from them, in an attempt to speed their reconstruction and solidify their integration into an open, rules-based international order” (p.1).
The theoretical perspective that the author uses to support its evidence is the liberal perspective. In the book, “The Global Future: A Brief Introduction to World Politics” Kegley & Raymond (2005) explain how “At the core of liberalism is a belief in reason and possibility of progress” (p.31). Which is one of the main points and arguments that this paper makes. The paper continuously talks about the possibility of progress if trade is expanded. One specific example of this is in the category of the article “Keep On Growing” (p.2) where Froman (2014) states that “U.S. trade policy aims not only to update the global economic architecture, but also expand it”(p.2). It further goes to explain the correlation between trade and economic
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