Analysis Of The Article ' The Texas Constitution ' By Lawrence W. Miller

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The article “The Texas Constitution” by Lawrence W. Miller is mainly about the stages of leading up to the creation of our current Texas Constitution, and the lengthiness that seems to ne be taken into consideration when creating the final draft. The framers of the Texas Constitution did not seem to learn much from their predecessors, the writers of the U.S. Constitution. The article starts out by explaining how the U.S. Constitution works in regards to the government, and how it was created. On May 25, 1787 he framers of the U.S. constitution met in Philadelphia for the purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation. At this convention were delegates from twelve states, not Rhode Island, and the Virginia Plan became topic of discussion, “hence the decision was made to scrap the Articles of Confederation altogether, draft a new constitution, and form a new government.” The founders had many ideas about the government; they believed in social contract, that government was an implied agreement between the people and the government, and that the people gave up certain liberties to the government in order for the government to protect the remaining liberties. They wanted a republican form of government, and they understood that centralized power was dangerous; reason being, they created the division of power called checks and balances. There were many conflicts and compromises made between the large states and the small states, bringing forth “The Great Compromise”. Also,
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