Analysis Of The Article ' Tweens ' Ten Going On Sixteen '

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Imagine you were ten years old. What were you doing? Were you in a park? Were you playing with toys? Now look around at ten-year old’s today. There seems to be a noticeable shift. Most of them have some sort of electronic device of their own, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. That shift becomes even more apparent if you were ten years old, 30 years ago versus if you were ten years old only eight years ago. In the essay “Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen,” Kay S. Hymowitz suggests that tweens are growing up too fast. She states that while there are complex causes for this, “two major and fairly predictable themes emerged: a sexualized and glitzy media-driven marketplace and absentee parents” (Page 203). This and, “peer group form a vicious circle that works to distort the development of youngsters…,” according to Hymowitz (Page 203). It is hard to just blame one thing for causing tweens to grow up too fast, however, these three groups seem to have the biggest influence. Most children’s parents are huge role models for them; they shape how they live their lives. Just like their parents, a child’s peers are who they interact with on a daily basis; they can be very influential. Tween’s peers can be especially influential and especially brutal, and judgmental. Another thing seen by tweens on a daily basis is media and advertising. There are provocative ads everywhere. It would be very hard to miss them, even if you wanted to. A well-known media and advertising concept are…

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