Analysis Of The Article ' War Makes Men Leaders '

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The final document that I will be analyzing is an article from a newspaper page from The Kansas City Times, published on Friday, October 4, 1918. After I take a glance at this document I see three quarters of the page covered by only two written articles and the rest of the page contains advertisements of upcoming theater plays and shows. The illustrations in the advertisements of the shows are not nearly as sensational as those with the football illustrations. The article that I will be analyzing is headlined, “War Makes Men Leaders.” The article begins to tell a story about American forces in France and the daily lives of each ranked soldier. Then the article talks about how different the lives of the American soldiers are in France compared to the lives lived in America. The article signifies the fact that they will not be experiencing “a great football or baseball match between two of our colleges at home (Jenkins, 1918).” This statement in an article talking about war is very significant as it shows the value that Americans hold for the sports games. The article shows that the soldiers will not be missing anything else except for a football or baseball game, signifying it as the most important experience in American society. This signifier is an advertisement strategy reminding the reader that Americans cherish their sports games more than anything. This is an example of selling the games through articles. This impacts both the newspaper and the games, increasing their
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