Analysis Of The Article ' We The People '

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Dr. Nieva

International Business

4 December 2014

The statement “ We the People” defines whom the United States of America was and is till this day. The constitution is considered one of the most powerful and dynamic documents of all time. Ten years after gaining independence from Great Britain, the delegates of America decided that the Articles of Confederation, the governing document in place, must be amended or replaced if the country were to prosper. Under the Articles of Confederation, America failed to become one nation, as the country faced financial issues, stemming from a weak centralized government. The weak centralized government was unable to enforce laws, and collect taxes from the states as congress simply had very little power. In order to correct these problems fifty-five delegates from twelve states, Rhode Island being the only state without a representative, meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to address this problem. The delegates decided it was better to create a new document then try to ratify the old, hence the birth of the United States Constitution. At the time of the constitution the statement “ We the People” applied to a completely different notion of people then it does in the present day. Originally “we the people” only applied to white, landholding males, who had a significant amount of power in society. Over time more and more ethnic groups and classes of people have fallen under “We the People”, strengthening the Constitution of the…
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