Analysis Of The Article ' What Every American Should Know '

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To understand Eric Liu’s opinion on having a common culture in the U.S and purpose it is important to know about his cultural background and career. Liu’s parents were born in China but Liu was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. He studied history in Yale University then got his degree and graduated from Harvard Law School. Liu has accomplished many things over the past couple years. He is the CEO for citizen university, which has a main focus in teaching the arts of being a powerful citizen who is a someone that make an impact in the world to help others. Everyone should strive in being a powerful citizen. Liu is well prepared and intelligent writer, he wrote the article called “What Every American Should Know”. This specific article is about Liu 's thought and new ideas in having a common culture in 2015 towards Hirsh’s controversial book Cultural Literacy. Cultural Literacy is based on arguments about teaching common cultures on having a common vocabulary for students. Hirsch 's article had a big impact in his career and Cultural Literary became a National best seller. This article came out in a very controversial moment in America going through Cultural Literacy. Liu disagrees with Hirsh list and throughout the article Liu main purpose is to come up with a new list based on diversity and shared cultures. This list is important to me because I am an American that would love to be able to communicate to other culture other than my own. Liu has many strategies to get his
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