Analysis Of The Article ' Why Colleges Shower Their Students With A 's `` Brent Staples ``

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Counterfeit academics, counterfeit grades, and in fact, counterfeit universities are the theme of a scathing commentary by one Philadelphia professor. Brent Staples, a long time college professor often writes excerpts for big name magazines like The New York Times. Brent Staples article “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” is very well written but lacks extensive evidence for some of his emotionally driven statements.

Before one can truly dig in and unpack this texts, we first need to get to know the author. The author of the article, “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” Brent Staples, born on September 13, 1951, grew up an unpretentious boy in Chester Pennsylvania with nine siblings (“Brent Staples” 1). Staples grew up very financially challenged and “was accepted to Widener University through a program called Project Prepare (“Brent Staples” 1). By receiving his PhD in Phycology he then went on to teach at local universities in Pennsylvania and Chicago. Staple’s article, “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s,” by the use of ethos gains instant credibility as he has personal experience in the field to back up his arguments. Also coming from such a poor family with so many siblings Staples work ethic had to be sickening to become as successful as he has. This has imprinted a moral of working hard for what is received, which explains his anger towards this undeserved sense of accomplishment that college students are receiving.

Brent Staples…
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