Analysis Of The Article ' Why Question The Rules '

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The article “Why question the rules” written by Larissa Behrendt in 2003 is a compelling piece that shines a light on the gap in Indigenous peoples lives and the psychological ‘terra nullius’ that continues due to the lack of understanding by nonindigenous people that the indigenous feel (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt is concerned in making long-term, permanent changes to regional framework agreements, constitutional protections, economic redistribution and creating a treaty, just to mention a few (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt was born in 1969, two years after the constitutional referendum was brought in as well as the end of the policy that allowed the removal of aboriginal children to be removed from their family (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt provides a clearly articulated summary of what indigenous Australians want and need, how they feel and how it can all be achieved (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt was one of the few fortunate children in her culture in the 70’s who was sent to school. Her schooling fuelled her frustration due to the lack of understanding to the extent of what her people, especially the stolen generation had to endure on their own land for so long (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt desires to resolve the lack of knowledge and achieve change as she understood the impact of what indigenous people felt to do with dispossession, removal, and incarceration, so she became a lawyer (Behrendt, 2003). Behrendt argues why formal equality is not applicable when the laws
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