Analysis Of The Aunt Flo Delivers Personals On The Go

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Executive Summary
The Aunt Flo Delivers Personals On the Go (POG) is a premier small delivery service catering to the needs of girls/young ladies ages 8 to 18. Personals On the Go is concentrating on making life’s changes as simple and convenient as possible for those “unexpected” visits. We will offer delivery services to schools and places of employment for those incidents when a young lady needs a change of personal hygiene products and their parents can’t get away from their jobs.
POG will be selling primarily to individual families with hopes to expand our services to youth organizations, i.e. church youth groups, social organizations, etc. In the beginning, the majority of POG 's profits will come from individual families. As we develop and grow our service, we hope to expand our profits by generating more business through the various youth organizations.
POG will be raising awareness of their service through the use of a brochures, television ads and internet advertisement, obtaining a website, as well as developing an application to be used on any cellular device and/or tablet. Once a customer is interested in placing an order, they can call in the order, order via our secure Website or place their order via the smartphone/device app. The POG bag will be delivered to the destination of their choice.
Once up and running with some momentum, POG will be steadily producing profits. It is projected that by December 2017 POG will be profitable. By the end of year three,…
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