Analysis Of ' The Awakening '

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How do you differentiate the selfish from the selfless? A person can be characterized as such if they do things for their own profit or pleasure. They live to please themselves. Women who rebel against all oppression and discriminating stereotypes are often praised for this fearless selflessness. These women give other women hope for a future where they will be considered equal to men. They rise against all oppression that is wrong and unjust. In the novel The Awakening Edna Pontellier is seen as a feminist, her rebellion to everything she believed was oppression marked an impression on the readers. Yet is it correct to refer to Edna as a feminist? Does she rebel against oppression for the good of the oppressed female society? Are her acts of rebellion justifiable?

Many readers would praise Edna’s acts of rebellion, which gave women a sense of hope for control and an insight into a world where a woman can have anything she desires. This is great yet what was the true drive behind Edna’s acts? Many believe that Edna’s acts were a justifiable rebellion to man’s oppression. This is not all that is written, look beyond the words you merely see and you will see the truth behind Edna’s actions. You will discover her life, which was lived with selfishness towards her children, her lovers, and herself. Her only companion was rebellion and in the end she learned to love to be alone. She soon became numb to everyone and everything. Edna Pontellier differs
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