Analysis Of The Bank 's Mobile And Banking Services Platform

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On 11 April 2014, Finserve Africa a subsidiary of Equity Bank got its MVNO Licence. This act was intended to reduce the trade expenses and increase revenue stream by granting money transaction plus many other telecommunications services to more than 8 million subscribers. Equity Bank’s mobile and banking services platform launches a year after it had to deal with a myriad of inquiries from industry regulator, Communications Authority of Kenya, Members of the National Assembly and the industry top watchdog, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). The CA later approved use of thin-SIM technology in Kenya, even though there was opposition from competitors claiming that the technology could compromise some of the services they offered to there customers login security. Equitel’s 0.1mm-thin SIM can be overlapped on any other conventional SIM card. This makes it likely to enjoy use of Equitel and together utilize your original SIM – pretty much like handling a dual SIM phone only now you won’t have to purchase a new phone to host an another SIM card. If already donning a dual SIM phone, then you can either buy the regular SIM or opt for tri-SIM functionality by using some money on the thin-SIM. Basically, Equitel is Airtel Kenya’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The former will run on Airtel’s telecoms infrastructure, paying Airtel Kenya for accommodations and perhaps becoming a value addition tool for Airtel Money. Fluctuations in Airtel Kenya network quality and signal
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