Analysis Of The Beatles, And James Brown

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Music has been a template for expression since early man, it reaches the depths of a person’s soul by seeking out emotions. In society music plays a major role in the development of historical events, and musicians can be at the center of this due to their fan following. Some musicians just play to make money, while others play to make a statement. The ones that play to make a statement influence people, they also manage to give the people a voice that can be resonated throughout society. During the 1960’s this was a pivotal point for musicians to make a political statement, be it Civil Rights or the Vietnam War. A few of the artists that made political statements during this era would be Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and James Brown; however, there are many more artist who spoke their minds through their music. James Brown was influential in the Civil Rights movement by influencing the Black community through his music. Browns music offered pride, inspiration, and defiance. To start off James Brown had a specific type of music, it was called funk. He is very much considered the founding father of funk music. (Hirshey) Scholars say that funk music goes further than James Brown with its origins, but he is the one that made popular funk music what it is. (Morant 73) Funk music is important to understand because of the influence that it had on the Black community during the Civil Rights movement. It developed from music that made people want to get up and move and had an upbeat…

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