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The Beatles
Katherine McGreevy
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In learning about The Beatles over the past few months, I have gained great appreciation for them as a band. Particularly, I really enjoyed learning about and listening to the many love songs written by The Beatles. It was a difficult task to choose just three songs to write about, however I chose the three songs I enjoyed most. They are each love songs from a different era of The Beatles’ work throughout their years. “I Should Have Known Better”, “Michelle”, and “Dear Prudence” have all left great impressions on me. “I Should Have Known Better” was issued on the B side of A Hard Day’s Night in 1964 (Wikipedia, 2016). It was composed by Lennon was released on July 13, 1964 as a single along with A Hard Day’s Night as the Soundtrack to the film also called A Hard Day’s Night, which was released on July 10, 1964 (Wikipedia, 2016). This song was one of many inspired by Bob Dylan as we learned he left quite the impression on the Beatles, especially Lennon. This inspiration led Lennon to write more meaningful lyrics (Benitez, 2016). It is easy to understand why this song was popular reaching the top Billboard charts at number 53 as Lennon’s harmonica playing skills are capturing (Wikipedia, 2016). The song opens with Lennon playing the harmonica and it has a very upbeat, light tune and melody. This song is the first song since “I’m a loser” including the use of a harmonica (Wikipedia, 2016).
“I Should Have Known

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