Analysis Of The Bet By Anton Chekhov

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A meaningful life will vary between all individuals and means no one thing. A meaningful life means is to enjoy the life you are given doing what it is you wish to do. “The Bet”, is the story of a lawyer and a banker who find themselves in a peculiar situation made through a bet between the two of them. The lawyer bets to his current life and freedom and must live fifteen years in imprisonment to win the bet of two million dollars in which the banker bet. Through the fifteen years, the lawyer is able to discover many things in which he is able to invest himself into and to create a life away from his freedom. The lawyer is able to use what he is given during his informal imprisonment in order to enjoy his life in the absence of his…show more content…
He has found something in his sorrow filled life to focus his mind and heart on, something to distract him from his wearisome life and in doing so has been able to create some meaning in his own life once again. Consequently, the lawyer is able to discover what he finds to be a meaningful life, that his ideal life in which he lives need not be like those around him. He recognizes that to have a meaningful life, one must find something in which they are able to wholeheartedly invest themselves into doing. The lawyer exhibits his new found meaning in life when he decides he no longer wishes to win the bet against the banker and leaves a note saying, “I do not want to understand you”, bespeaking that the lawyer was able to create his own meaningful life, and needed no longer the money or attention of those around him. He chose to do what he chooses and when he chooses without following the constraints of society as it is; doing what he wants takes precedence over what other individuals think of him. The lawyer chooses to create his own path in life, one in which he is able to enjoy and not abhor through the rest of his days. To create a meaningful life, individuals must learn to enjoy what their life has to offer and to enjoy what it is they have to the

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