Analysis Of The Biggest E Commerce Company

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INTRODUCTION My work will be focusing on one of the biggest E-commerce company in the world and the number company in the United States, Throughout this expository, I will highlight its main functions, prowess, power, and also its influences in our daily life. Therefore, our concerns will be consecutively origin and its founder’s as well, and its financial information and bringing out the facts that make it a unique and successful company despite its light weaknesses. AMAZON.COM COMPANY BACKGROUND is a huge American online company in the world based in Seattle, Washington. Founded in July 5, 1994 as by Jeff Bezos in his garage, its main activity consisted to sell books online. A year later, it has been renamed in order to be in A- list websites repertory and people’s sight. Considering the fact that literature is much demanding worldwide, amazon’s founder decided to focus on the online book sales because of its availability and low-cost facilities. In addition, he compiled the 20 most selling items that could be marketed online such as compact discs, computer hardware, computer software. Later, he diversified his cupboards by adding video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, software, toys, etc.. itself produces some items like Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Kindle Fire tablets, fire TV and Fire phone. Thanks to an ingenious idea spurred by John Ingram and Keyur Patel

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