Analysis Of The Biographies Of Hegemony By Karen Ho

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Karen Ho writes very a informing passage about Wall Street and the recruitment process in “The Biographies of Hegemony”. She speaks about the type of “families” Wall Streeters tend to form by only selecting specific types of people to work for them. An atomic family is composed of parents and their children and with aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. as the extended family. The “constructed family” created by Wall Street is similar to an atomic family to the extent that Wall Street itself poses as the parent of its children Harvard and Princeton and has the other Ivy League schools acting as their “extended family”. Just as an atomic family has trust, loyalty, and inclusion, Wall Street’s “family” has the same in order to succeed as a…show more content…
The trust remains there because the recruiters know what the schools are teaching their prospective employees. They have trust in not only the students but also the institutions themselves; they trust what they’re teaching their undergraduates. The original Wall Streeters kept it within family networks and the current Wall Streeters do the same by keeping their business within the same collegiate background.
Although there is trust between Wall Street and their “atomic family” Harvard and Princeton, Wall Street’s “extended family” such as Yale and the University of Pennsylvania do not receive the same level of trust and fairness. Since Wall Streeters tend to favor Harvard and Princeton when recruiting, they really only give Harvard and Princeton graduates the opportunity to succeed in investment banking. By doing so Wall Streeters treat their “extended families” from other schools unfairly. This is evident when Ho writes, “investment banking recruiters at Princeton and Harvard explicitly express how the do not care if undergraduates are trained in finance because a skilled background… [it’s] not really what they are looking for” (186); what they are looking for is the Harvard or Princeton degree they will graduate with. Whereas, there could be plenty of skillful undergraduates at other Ivy League schools such as Yale; but those

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